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people hating on vechs and genny is making me hella sad
like they both did some not smart things, but its a /GAME/ and they both didnt want to sit around and do nothing, i think they just didnt have good chemistry/communication
just because they didnt do things great this season doesnt mean im going to hate them or lose respect for them, its only a game, theyre both still great youtubers and some of my favorite people

Absolutely! I agree with Vechs 100%, it’s all about creating compelling video. If they played it safe it would be boring (Nebris and Pyro’s past few episodes yikes) and besides who on earth watches Generik or Vechs expecting srs bsns? Personally I love them both for their quirks and this UHC has been one of my favourites. Team Gecho/CYFN is probably the most entertaining team right now and I can’t figure out why anyone would find fault with being so entertained.

Speaking of Etho, I found out he did a Harvest Moon 64 Let’s Play and I’ve had a bad migraine for two days now and all I could think about at work today was how I wished I could be snuggled up on the couch with some tea watching them. Because when I was a kid, and I was sick, I would play Harvest Moon 64. And because Etho has one of the calmest, soothing voices ever and I like to fall asleep to his videos ;A;. And I think watching his LP would be perfect for how I feel right now. Tomorrow we are closed but I have to work a few hours in the morning, but as soon as I clock out, I am making this little dream a reality and it makes me feel so warm inside aahhh~


Comet Lovejoy through Mörby Castle Ruins

This new comet is quite photogenic. Comet Lovejoy, discovered only three months ago, was imaged through ruins of ancient Mörby Castle in Sweden last week sporting a green-glowing coma and tails trailing several degrees. The past few weeks have been an unusually active time for comet watchers as four comets were visible simultaneously with binoculars: ISON, Lovejoy, Encke, and LINEAR. C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) comet is currently visible to the unaided eye from a dark location. As Monday’s new Moon will provide little glare, the next few days provide a good time to see Comet Lovejoy as it reaches its peak brightness. In two and a half weeks, Comet Lovejoy will reach its closest approach to the Sun at a distance just inside the orbital distance of the Earth.

Image Credit & Copyright: P-M Hedén (Clear Skies, TWAN)

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